Materials From The Earth – Part VII – Rock Cycle

Rock Cylcle

Today’s learning objectives:

  1. To understand how fossils are formed
  2. The understand how sedimentary rocks are formed and may contain fossils
  3. Understand how rocks turn from one type to another in the Rock Cycle.

Task 1

Make sure that you are caught up on the last lesson’s tasks. You should:

  • have written a description of how sedimentary rocks (like sandstone) are formed (from sand).
  • have written a short description of how fossils are formed in sedimentary rock. If you need to you can watch this video again.

Task 2.

Watch this video on the rock cycle. You can also find information about the rock cycle on the BBC Bitesize website and the Geological Society Website for Schools.

2.1 – Draw a diagram of the rock cycle, explaining how rock types turn into one another.

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